Imagine experiences where art brings communities together, where every stroke of paint tells a story, and where creativity knows no bounds.  These are exactly the experiences we have worked to develop with our clients since 2012. 

Through our community projects division, the Long Island Creative Vortex, we specialize in creating interactive community-based projects centered around a theme. These projects are designed to inspire creativity and foster collaboration among participants.

Working closely with our clients, we select a theme that resonates with the community. Together, we bring this theme to life through a piece of artwork that serves as a blank canvas for collective expression.

During our events, participants are invited to unleash their creativity as they paint alongside their neighbors, friends, and fellow community members. It’s a joyous celebration of art and collaboration, where everyone has a voice and a brushstroke to contribute.

By bringing people together through art, we not only create beautiful pieces of work but also strengthen the bonds within our community. These projects serve as a catalyst for inspiration, connection, and positive change.

To learn more about our community projects and find out how to commission a project for your own community, please have a look at our past projects gallery below and reach out to us here.


TEDx Talk

Masks on Main

Long Island Creative Vortex worked with the Spirit of Huntington Art Center and the Paramount Theater to bring the town together with a community art crawl.

You Are Here

This was a project we built to coincide with Mepham High Schools Tedx event which was based on the same theme. We went with a tongue and cheek approach by building a giant iPhone canvas to bring people together in the moment to explore creativity and collaboration.

Road to Recovery

This project we designed with Northwell Health’s Rehab Facility in Queens NY. The patients in the recovery center were invited to collaboratively paint this piece. Northwell Health owns the finished piece.

Made You Look – A Show of Reflections

I curated this event at the East End Arts Council with Mark Cadicamo ofNight Vision Creations, Inc. We worked with 16 artists who all worked on canvases that were in the shape of the hand from the game Made You Look. We asked each artist to work with the theme of Made You Look. Once we installed the show, we placed a mirror in the middle of each piece so that the observer would be looking at themselves while reflecting on the work.

Outside of the Box

Outside of the Box was a project used to bring awareness to the EJ Autism Foundation. We built a giant steel box and covered the outside with multiple paintable magnets. The idea was that the painting could be moved around throughout the event and at the end, everyone would be able to take a piece home with them. This was set up in various locations such as the Brickhouse Brewery in Patchogue, The Velvet Lounge in Setauket, Studio E in Miller Place and a number of schools on the south shore of Suffolk County. 

Shifting Reality Across Long Island

The East End Arts Council located in Riverhead New York contacted me through our Facebook group and asked me to come up with a project that would bring awareness to their organization.  I proposed an idea called “Shifting Reality Across Long Island”. The idea was to build a canvas based on the theme of Reality and bring it to various locations across Long Island where we could re-create the Creative Vortex experience while handing out information about the Arts Council.  This piece would constantly be changing as it was repainted at each event serving as a visual representation of our shared reality. Artists would be invited to participate at each event to get the ball rolling, but our goal would be to include anyone interested. This was a huge success. We did a total of 15 locations that completely pushed the boundaries of the project’s purpose. We started with clubs and warehouse events to working with hospitals and foundations that work with children who have special needs. Throughout the Shifting Reality tour, I saw that same positive effect flow consistently. People would open up to each other as they opened up to themselves and what ties us all together – our ability to create.

Trinity Easel

The Trinity Easel was a project we built for the Village of Port Jeffersons Green Festival. It was constructed with all reclaimed materials. We also set up the trinity essel at the Great South Bay Music Festival 2012.

Grand Opening Event for Essential Chiropractic in Westhampton

This was the Grand Opening Event for Essential Chiropractic in Westhampton. We hired two artists to do a live painting of a photo our client wanted to use for his location sign. This was one of the first sign jobs Sound Beach Signs did.

Creative Unity

This was another traveling project we did in 2012. We used this project to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Fund. This project’s last stop was the Longwood School District which used it to work with children that had behavioral problems. The piece is now on display at the school.


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